Top 6 Impossible Things That Sakamoto Has Done...

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Sakamoto is pretty much the Coolest person of Anime Right Now so I decide to do A Top 5 recopilation of his Best, Impossible, Coolest Moments In The Anime (Sakamoto desu Ga?). Come With Me and Discover Them!! 

P.D: This Top Is Not In A Speifical Order.

6. Sakamoto Never Falls Into A Prank.

Sakamoto never falls into a prank he just get out from it in the coolest ways. Like in episode 1 when he dodged a school partner prank and that doesn't stay there he even make a super Cool pose while given the good morning. Coool Right? Even tho is extremely imposible in Real Life :( But This doesn't end here The same guys try to prank him 2 two more times. 

One in the Bathroom were they try to get him soaked. Mmm... That didn't work too well because apparently Sakamoto go top the Bathroom with a Umbrella.

The Second is when Sakamoto gets back to the classroom the same guys try to prank him...AGAIN This time by disappearing his desk but No PROBLEM Sakamoto take the class in the window.

Umm... He can't been prank.
What did I tell you??

5. Sakamoto Can Fly Just Like a Bird.

In the second part of Episode 1 Sakamoto Fly with an umbrella just to save a little bird. COOOL Right??

4. Sakamoto Can FIGHT Bee's

In Episode 1 Sakamoto Fight a bee just like if it was a fencing bout. He even catch it with the chopsticks. Just Amazing!!

3. Sakamoto is NEVER Late for school even if he enters at the last second before they close the gate.

Every Single day He get to school in the last second but he's never late.

4. Sakamoto-kun Cleans the ceiling while dodging the dust that Falls.

Nothing More to Say...COOL!

2. Sakamoto Is The Master in Hide & Seek

Sakamoto Hides From Kubota's Mom In The entire episode. He even gets Kubota's mom to think he's not real. Amazing Huh??

1. Sakamoto Can Even Trick Out Minds.

In one episode Sakamoto Tricks his classmates minds by doing random spirals while everybody is watching him. This just to get them to eat some spaghetti at the cafeteria. This is Sakamoto's Secret technique: Subliminal Effect.

This Top was a little more shorter but as I see the Anime I keep seeing More and More Cool Things so I add a Little More. But even Doing That doent cover all about Sakamoto "Coolness". So If You Show Some Love To This Post I would Make a Part 2.

So Yeah That's All If you Like it Please Follow This Blog and Comment would Aprecciate Both! Thanks And Until The Next One!

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I love sakamoto anime. His every move has some unique style. That makes me watch this anime..

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