Top 5 More Epic Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Scenes

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Note: This Blog Post May Have Spoilers!!!!

5. Simon Defeats The Helix King

One of The Best Moments we see there out in the series is when simon the digger destroys the King Helix. I brought You The Full Fight Cut.  I Made This Cut Hope You Like It! Enjoy!!

4. Simon's Return

The Return Of The Fallen/Destroyed King. Enjoy!

3. Kittan's Goodbye!

This is Certainly one of the most sad moments of Gurren Lagann. Really touchy but If you want To Cry Here I Leave It:

2. Escape From Alternate Reality!

One Of The Final Moments From Gurren Lagann, It Have to be in this Top, The Last Time Kamina-sama Appears in Screen Here You Go:

1. Final Battle!

I Got Anything More To Say This Is The Final Battle Of Gurren Lagann. Enjoyyy!

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