Top 6 Cute/Kawaii Girls of Anime! Part 2

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Note: This are My 6 more cute girls in Anime. Its based in the Anime that Ive have seen or I'm seeing and as always this is My Opinion yours can be different please enjoy and don't judge. This is not a Top of 5 More pretty Anime girl is more like top of Cute and Kawaii Girls! Enjoy!

6.  Shiraishi Urara (Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo)

Urara is a Witch from the Anime Yamada-kun 7-nin no Majo. He is a girl from the Suzaku High School, she is a good girl and student who by mistake ends being friend of the most hated man in school, Yamada, a lot of things happen and they discover she, Yamada and more of his friends are witches. But that another story now we're going to talk about his cuteness. 

As you can see he looks very very pretty on this picture but his personality is even better. Because even tho she is the best student of the hole class she is very shy, she doesn't even have friends until Yamada obviously. She is very sweet and sometimes she can be very hard but overall she has that big red eyes and that big bright smile that makes everybody happy. She gets a 8/10 in cuteness. Rate it you in the comments!!

She can be very sexy sometimes...

5. Himeji Mizuku (Baka to Test)

Himeji is a girl from the Anime Baka to Test. She is pretty cute as you can see. She is a little pervert sometimes and even can be very very sexy. She is one of the best students of the institute if was not because he got dizzy in middle of the test and she couldn't get to answer any of the questions. So she failed getting a 0 on the test and being send to the F class. Even tho she should be in the A class. 

She gets in love of a guy named Akihisa because it was the only one that helps her when she gets dizzy at the test. Akihisa knowing that if he didn't present the test he will go instantly to the F class, he decides to help Himeji and get her to the Nursing. After that, Himeji gets impressed by his courage getting her to fall in love with this guy making this a lot of fun and comic. In his personality Mizuki is portrayed as a shy and innocent but determined girl. If I had to rate her cuteness I would say an 8.5/10. Rate her by yourself in the comment's below!!

She's not that good of a cooker but she has Big BOOBS so you decide guys. Good food or Big Boobs...XD

4. Naru (Barakamon)

Naru is a little girl from the Anime Barakamon. She's a cute little girl who uses as a base the house where Seishuu(Protagonist) lives on the island. She is the granddaughter of the old man who helped Seishuu(Protagonist) to get near her home.

Naru is a cheerful and energetic girl. It's very nice, by that she has many friends on the island. Although repeatedly disturb Seishuu, she apologizes and tries to correct the problem. I can't say more from her cause she is indescribable. His cuteness is rate as a 9/10 she is just too cute.

I really love this hilarious faces of her!!

3. Shiro (No Game No Life)

Shiro is a genius girl from the Anime No Gqame No Life. She got a serious serious brother complex. She  loves hima and even get jelous sometimes.

Shew and his brother are genious oif games at the start of the anime we see them playinga a game were they are good at. Then they get invited to a world were games a re the porder odf the day, you can buy with them, get mopney with them and even be king by them. Shiro is soo Cute i would rate her a 9/10.

She's just too cute Isn' It?

2.  Isla ( Plastic Memories)

Isla is a girl from the Anime Plastic Memories, she's so cute. Isla is characterized by been a little quiet and shy. She doesn't even talk to the protagonist that much like in the first 3 chapters. Isla is a robot and he about to go off because of that things get crazy and Tskukasa try to help her.

Isla And That Cute Blush!!
She's as I said a timid person, so he does not talk much unless necessary, and costs make conversation with customers. Beyond that, it's someone kind and reserved, who insists on living like a "robot" to avoid creating memories with others, since he knows that at some point in their life will end. Like I said is in this dead point she discover what is to live, she discover what life is but that's just the anime and that you have to see it by yourself. 

Isla is mad with you!!
Isla is so cute and she is one of those dumb cuties that the more dumb they are the most cute you think they're. I don't know anything more to say. Just WATCH the Anime and you will understand me. I would rate her a 9.5/1- by her super cute personalityyy.

This Pic Gave me feels. Its one of the highlights moments of the Anime.

1. Katou Megumi (Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata)

Katou is a very cute girl from the Anime Saenai Heroine no Sodatekata. She is super super cute, his personality is awesome and cute and it seems good with her physical appearance. Making her funny and cute at the same time.

His personality is portrayed as an ordinary girl with no distinctive character. She is an extremely normal girl and she is so plain that Tomoya failed to realize that he was actually classmates with her. She is described as stealthy due to her lack of presence, and the others often forget that she is even in the same room. Even by that Tomoya decides tyo make her the protagonist of a game. So he is trying to modify her toi be a protagonist. Thing that seems very difficult by his personality. To be honest I don't want tomoya to change my Katou she is too cute how he is now. Dont change it Tomoyaaa! Pleaseee!

Kawaiii no Baka!!!

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