Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? First Impression

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It seems it's been a while since we did not see an anime comedy school. To be honest I really like these animes since the plot is a simple what makes you enjoy without having to roll you.

To begin the plot show the protagonist (obviously) Hideki Nishimura a boy of few friends who spends his life playing an online RPG game called Legendary Age (any reference to the League of Legends is purely coincidental ...) where he met and play with several people on-line.

This anime has both perspectives inside and outside the game. You can see bone hideki playing on your pc and then you can see your character Master. Much like Sword Art Online of course without death and you can not exit the game etc. fine leaving that clear let’s start with the story.

Hideki plays with his friends online despite not know any of them. Of which one is his wife (in the game) One day one of the players of his clan decides to hold a meeting but in person. Although the watcher already knows who is behind those players. Hideki do not know and this ends up being an adventure for him. Because he feared his wife (in the game) was a man. Since the first person to be declared in the end game being a man. That made stop relying on the online girls. At all get to meet in the cafeteria they realize that they are actually very close to each other even go to the same school. This will bring more fun and even conflict as much as in the game and at school.


This Anime is a should watch from my part. It seems its going to be agreat school comedy. I have great gopes for this anime. So hope It doesmnt dissapoiunt me farther more. From the first episode my personal score is a 8 out of 10 recommended.


Hideki Nishimura

Ako Tamaki

Akane Segawa

Kyou Goshouin

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