3 Manga's That Im Reading Right Now and You Should Too!

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1. Attack on Titan

Even if it have been overrated(on the anime I say) It happens to be a georgeous Manga of action and survival. The art is not that amazing but what doesnt have on art it have it in story. Now is in its ending arc or that I read. It's supposed to finish in the volume 20 in Japan. So lets hope for a great finale and let' see what happens to eren and his friends in the finale.

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2.Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In a Dungeon

Excluding his extense, extense, super extense name its an awesome manga the art is amazing and so the story. It have great characthers that will get you hyped with the story. It got and Anime that was good but leave you there climbing with the final. Thats why I Run and Get the manga just to find a good final instead of the horrible final from the anime. This manga is actually ongoing in Japan so it's aswell ongoing in Us. But you have to check it out It's just amazing and Funny.

Want to Read it online Click here. Enjoy!

3. My Hero Academia

This Fabulous piece of art is the shoujo of the new generation. Its art is so good that just the art itself can make you laugh (if you have read this manga you know of what Im talking  . Lol!). The strory of this manga is not that amazing you know is a little common but how the author makes it It really feels like a new and refreshing theme. Almost all the characters have this special vibe that give you different feels. Yeah! Just Read It! Lol!

Want to Read it online Click here. Enjoy!

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